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About Us

Humblys is based in Orange County, California and is an e-commerce business created by an Autism Dad and Daughter together. 

At Humblys, we are a family that has seen many ups and downs like all families have. We departed on this journey in 2016 when our 2 year old boy was diagnosed with Autism. Therefore, a selection of our products are specifically specifically focused on Autism safety. These products have helped us better support our son and we would like to share these with other families who can benefit from them. We feel the products which helped us through this journey may be useful to you as well. Additionally, we dedicate a percentage of our sales to the Autism Awareness cause. 

Apart from just Autism friendly products, we also curate products for neurotypical people as well. We carefully select and curate our products with love. We believe business is not all about the money, but the fact that we provide good service and products that are loved by us and we feel you will love them too. The "humble" in Humblys explains our whole story. 

Enjoy our products! We hope you loved our story!


Your Founders
The Humblys Family


We Support Autism Speaks Non-Profit:

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