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Double Colors Hung Princess Bed Curtain Foldable Canopy

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Multicolor Girls Canopies!

These are some beautiful canopies that are perfect for the amazing look in a girl's room. It gives quite the celestial look. It makes you feel so comfortable when going to sleep. It is large in size.  There are two colors on one canopy! Those colors would include: 

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple 
  • Khaki
  • Pink/Purple
  • Pink/Blue
  • Pink/Gray
  • Yellow/Purple
  • Blue/White
  • Pink/Yellow

The pink and blue is a favorite... It is loved by almost everyone! Take a look down below ⬇️:

This is known for its signature two colors!  


This product ships from the US (USPS) and delivers in 4-12 days.


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