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Molly Red VW Bus Print Large Tote Bag


VW Bus with Peace signs, this is GREAT fabric!!

Enjoy this Molly Tote in red yoga mat all day, every day, in ever so many ways! Bookbag, grocery bag, sports bag, diaper bag and more -

With the double handles, generous SIX outside pockets, zipper closure and unlined and the durability of yoga mat construction, you'll soon decide this is your go-to tote!

Eco-friendly, made in the USA, packed with the famous OlovesM smile! :-) ##^^^** the stitching on the one you will get is white not black*** If you love the Sixtys, The Grateful Dead, VW Bus and peace signs, this is perfect for you to carry!! Or better yet, give to a friend!!

12" x 19" x 5.5"