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Office Finance Calculator Calculat Plastic Solar Computer Business Finance Office Calculator 12-Bit Desktop Calculator Office

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Black Calculator

This is a nice handy product! It is used for if you need help in math! Some kids with autism LOVE numbers and love a nice easy calculator! They even sometimes try to add numbers and then memorize the sum like 1+1=2! They will memorize those equations at a small age! People use it to check their work as well! This product has amazing features such as:


  • Black
  • Big Keys
  • 2 turquoise keys
  • Electronic
  • Uses Batteries 

This product ships from U.S.A. and will take 2-3 weeks to reach your doorstep!

Brand Name: Orico
Style: Office Commercial Type
Max. Digits: 12
Power Source: Battery
Material: Plastic
Model Number: Calculator