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Palestine Flag With a Keffiyeh Twist Fade Resistant Double Stitched High Quality Polyester


Palestinian Flag With a Keffiyeh Twist! 

  This is a giant Palestinian Flag designed with a Keffiyeh bottom. It is 90x150cm. It is quite large lol. You gotta love this. See the images! In case you are using this for house decor: The ring is there for the flag pole!

You can have this ship from wherever you want according to where you live. 

  Yup! You can choose the shipping. Wherever you live or live close to, you can pick. US residents can get this shipped from the US with USPS and have it delivered within 4-13 days. 

Here are the countries to pick from! 

  •  The United States
  • France
  • Spain 
  • Czech Republic 
  • China 
  • Belgium 
  • Poland